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6 photo visual tips to highlight your events

Here are some simple tips to make your photos successful in the event scene. Show your experience and professionalism with quality shots.

In the event world, you must show your experience and professionalism. Nothing like references illustrated by beautiful photos to highlight your work, your contribution to the success of your clients’ events.
Today, you no longer need expensive hardware, a smartphone and some good practices are enough!

Here are some simple tips to make your photos:

1. Make a list of the photos to take
The idea is to create a bank of photographs taken on various events and that you can use for all your media. When making a list of photos illustrating your work, consider using Pinterest, the social network of photography to find inspiration: ambiances, colors, poses … everything must be put on your list!

2. Calculate your composition
Here, for a successful event photography, no coincidence! Your composition must be thought out in a “mathematical” way. Use the third party method: you cut your screen in 3 equal parts, horizontally or vertically. Each third party is filled with different elements: one third of background, two thirds of buffet for example.

3. Heal the background
This is probably the most difficult task at an event: you have to remove all “unnecessary” elements for your Photo Visual to be effective. Clean up your photo space and remove from the background subjects and objects that do not interest you. Think about focusing on your subject, the other shots will appear blurry, for a better visual effect.

4. Multiply Viewing Angles
By moving and testing multiple locations, you’ll find the best angle. Place, for example, back to the sun for optimal light. You can also try the low angle for an original composition that will give charisma to your photograph. Play with the decorative elements of the covered event.

5. Use zoom in moderation The
more you zoom in, the degraded the picture quality. Consider getting closer to the subject you want to take a picture rather than using the zoom. If you can not get closer, take a snapshot and then zoom in with the editing tools on your device or computer so you do not lose quality.

6. Capture emotions
Avoid photos without humanity. Take silhouettes, faces, hands, smiles. “Manned” shots are always the ones that produce the greatest impact. We must feel the atmosphere of the event.

These few tricks will allow you to considerably increase the quality of your photos and to highlight your activity and your references.

Do not forget, an image is often better than a long speech! Take advantage of the OandB event platform to showcase your business through beautiful shots of the events covered.

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