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7 variables in the preparation of coffee Aeropress

The most fun way in my opinion to prepare coffee filter type with different profiles is the Aeropress. Visually it looks like a giant syringe and gives a little scary! This filter method has a lot of possibilities to play and draw different properties of coffee.

To better understand these seven variables in the preparation of coffee Aeropress and that you can modify to create a good coffee, I summarize here:

# 1 – coffee and water quality:   these are the two ingredients of an infused coffee and as you know, the coffee is 98.7% water and 1.3% are in the water dissolved solids (TDS). And for this, the taste of coffee depends heavily on the quality of water & coffee quality you use to make your infusion.

# 2 – Ratio coffee / water:   this is the recipe that you use to make your coffee. Coffee filter is recommended between 50 & 70 grams of coffee per liter of water. The baristas talk about the formula of the infusion 1/16 and this is per gram of coffee use 16 grams of water. This is useful to know when your ingredients with a weight scale.

# 3 – Contact time: this is the time in seconds or minutes that the coffee is infused into the water. In most brewing methods this time depends on the “ground point” & the amount of coffee you use. With the Aeropress, the barista can set the fastest time down the embullo.

# 4 – Water temperature:   one of the most important factors to extract the properties of a faster infusion is high temperature. If you make a cold infusion will take longer to extract good coffee with hot water. With the Aeropress you can use water from 85 ° C to 95 ° C to test your taste …

# 5 – Turbulence: when you make an infusion of tea in hot water without removing the bag, it takes longer than when you remove. This is the same in coffee and must be taken into account when preparing a coffee filter. Each invents his ritual and will be explained, but the consistency of movements will allow you to play a drink several times!

# 6 – Filter material:  a thicker or thinner paper, a metal filter with larger or smaller holes, make us spend more oils and particles or not. This can give us a different body and a more or less “clean” cup. What if advised always clean the filter with hot water to remove undesirable flavors paper.

# 7 – Pre-infusion:  this are as words over baristas … when water comes in contact with the coffee, gases to escape in large quantity and follows the grain aroma. To “prepare” the coffee you’ll infuse you pour some water for a short time to “pre-infusing” and have the coffee ready for infusion. Time infusion in a pre espresso, a good espresso machines for $1000  and filter change will extract and flavors that powers your coffee. Pre-infusion, whether or not depends on the method & coffee using the barista.

These 7 variables are the main factors that will influence the extraction of your coffee and coffee so each is different. And so, there is no coffee exactly the same. The more you apply it to your preparation methodology and more you measure your variables (weight, temperature, time) … more’ll understand how to prepare a very good coffee.

If you are passionate about coffee machine rental sg at home or professional barista and you want to take your knowledge of coffee to the next level,

I have a good news for you …

For the first time in the history of coffee, we organized the Spanish Championship Aeropress in our Coffee Lab & shop in Barcelona on April 1, 2014.

Why you win this championship?

So you can represent Spain in the World held (probably) during the “World of Coffee” days June 10-12 in Rimini, Italy.

You will receive gifts for participants and prizes from our sponsors IMPRESIOANTES, you do not lose the queras !! In the following blogpost we disclose the main prize of the first, second and terecer place😉

You I can anticipate that only the first prize, worth 20 times your investment ;-), but later I’ll tell you the details …

 What do you have to do to participate?

It is very easy, you click the link here and watch the video that explains the tricks that help improve your technique Aeropress and win the championship!


And that’s not all…

As judges we have nadien unless Nino Tussell (master roaster) and Jeff Verellen(Aeropress world champion 2011 & 2013). Surely we can learn along with them, the best tricks to make good coffee in this new coffee machine.

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