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Business idea with little investment: Locksmith or locksmith at home and business

The prospects of success of a locksmith as a business idea with little investment is better than the average of other business ideas, and this is based on the fact of having potential customers and a demand that is maintained. Having a locksmith or being an independent locksmith can lead to a lucrative business, with good profit margins and minimal investment.

Of course, in this type of business, having the necessary technical skills is obligatory for anyone wishing to dedicate themselves to the locksmithing, this knowledge can be obtained in a school of trades or specialized locksmith courses. This is a branch that has not lag behind in technology and therefore locksmiths must not only have a wide knowledge to identify any type of keys, locks and locks, but must handle electrical safety concepts, armored doors, alarms, Access codes, electric door controls, etc.

The investment in the equipment necessary for the repair, opening, replacement and unlocking of basic security elements do not require large numbers at first, with good knowledge and basic tools you can do a good job, but if you want to open a gap in the Market you will have to diversify and cover all types of jobs. If you establish a local the investment can come up with key duplicating machinery, among other equipment. Many locksmiths work from home or have a mobile business mode, with a van. It is important to start by positioning yourself in your area, even on the internet, have a guaranteed clientele for example with locksmiths in Madrid , can guarantee a good start.

Many sites require the services of a locksmith, such as homes, apartment buildings, office buildings, private condominiums, banks, museums, churches and schools.

– You can expand your business gradually with little investment and then grow based on your knowledge and acquisition of new equipment and tools.

– Providing a good service and fast will be the most positive thing for your business and will bring you more customers.

– Investment in advertising can be relatively cheap and can be built on recommendations and “word of mouth”.

– You do not need a local and you can start from home independently with little investment.


– The price of these services can be complicated and very competitive. This will depend on your abilities, the time you have done the job and the new parts you have used to replace locks or locking cylinders.

– Buying more sophisticated and expensive equipment does not mean that you will have more work and earn more. Since the return on investment can be made long.

Investment in advertising is vital in this type of business of service, a good campaign of lettering accompanied by business cards is essential. The Yellow Pages of ads, directory of locksmith reservoir and a presence in Internet is fundamental in these times. Brochures and good company vehicle labeling is an excellent customer attraction strategy.

– The first promotional actions should be directed to condominiums and communities of homeowners who may be one of the potential clients and also with prospects of repeating. Another promotion should be focused on businesses, as locksmithing related to them can be more lucrative than those made in homes.

– It is necessary to be properly identified and certified for the client, it is necessary to give a good impression of legitimacy, duly uniformed and with credentials and photo. Remember that you are leaving your homes and businesses in your hands and that is why trust is necessary. It is important to contact the police to have the necessary information on the authorizations and information needed to do certain jobs.

– Whether you establish a locksmith business in a local or at home is necessary to have a vehicle or van to carry out the work on the site.

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