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Mailman, forgotten trade, today celebrates its day

People no longer write those long letters describing special, good or bad times of life of people. Now communication is almost instantaneous, full of emoticons and others by short messages and the occasional email using http://www.emailappend.services/.

Gone are the days when we were anxiously expecting the whistle to announce their arrival postman sometimes walk, bike or other motorcycle, but always with a heavy suitcase full of envelopes.

Many young people do not know these iconic characters and what it represented for some generations that remember with nostalgia, now only come in the mail bank statements and advertising.

A little history:

Even before the colonial era, there were already some species of postal services in Mexico.strong men and were known for being fast, carried messages of utmost importance to kings or chieftains.

There was even a system relay every 10 kilometers a man delivered the message to another and so on until it reached its destination. This system was devised by the Aztecs.

And with the arrival of the Spaniards, who brought the horses, how to deliver messages it was faster and practice.

It was in 1579 when the first post was established in Yucatan. Subsequently formal offices settled in Puebla, Veracruz, Guerrero and Guanajuato, thereby establishing a system of couriers.

Called mailboxes began to put much later, during the empire of Maximilian, in which the first postal envelopes were also used.

Already at the time of Porfirio Diaz, specifically in 1910, the post office building or Postal Palace was built, also in his time mail delivery she was expedited by the railroad.

Thus, the mail was evolved to what it is today, with offices and a network constituted, although it is threatened by electronic media, it is still used by many.

Mailman Day

History tells us that in times of the Revolution, a train carrying gold overturned; also he wore military correspondence, and the person in charge of carrying preferred to move it to its destination to take the gold and run.

President Pascual Ortiz Rubio said at the time that that was why the Revolution had a debt with postmen, why it was decided to institute the Day Postman, which was held in Mexico every November 12 since 193. in 1947 a stamp devoted the postman was printed.

Mailman Day seeks to acknowledge the social work of those who are responsible for carrying the messages expected by citizens, often regardless of the circumstances or the environment.

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