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Pregnancy and cravings to eat Pasta

Reasons for a craving to eat pasta during pregnancy

Among the various cravings or desires of food during pregnancy can include sweet foods, salty, bitter, spicy or high in protein, but in the case of pasta there are different causes that motivate, so know these casusa can relieve them through a healthy satisfaction, since these foods must be consumed with care in order not to generate an excessive increase in weight, which is not recommended in this delicate condition.


The exact cause of a particular whim,according to specialists, lies in the hormonal changes so important during pregnancy,being responsible for the reflux, flow and sensory changes that manifest during this particular stage of the woman and that underlies altered hormone levels.


In some cases the cravings can translate into the body’s way of demanding certain nutrients, so for example in the case of pasta that is rich in carbohydrates, fiber and magnesium , it can be an attempt by the body to indicate a shortage in one or more of these nutrients so important for a pregnant woman’s diet . In the same way you can reason cravings for meats that may indicate low levels of protein , just as women who crave pickles may need extra sodium.


Why a pregnant woman may feel like pasta – Fairfax OBGYN

In the particular case of pasta for its richness in hydrates drives the body to produce more hormone serotonin , also known as the ” hormone of happiness “, since this neurotransmitter is responsible for feelings of happiness, a situation that puts them first place for pregnant women , because they go through different emotional states that many cases alter them; for that reason they look for in the pastas that feeling of happiness or relaxationto balance themselves emotionally.


Importance of cravings during pregnancy

The cravings of pregnancy should not be ignored , but should be treated in a healthy way, not being carried away by processed foods or chemicals, rich in sugars and salts that can lead to dangerous weight gain for the condition, should opt for natural foods replace them.

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