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The title of this post on more than one occasion causes debate … It is one of the questions that are always repeated and I think all the brides ask it. Today I wanted to give you my opinion about it.

We have to bear in mind that a wedding usually lasts about 15 hours counting on the makeup and hairdressing of the bride, the arrival to the Best Pre Wedding Photographer Singapore, the ceremony, the photo session, the coctail and the banquet and at the end the dance and the party .

In my own wedding my preparation started around 2pm and that ceremony did not start until 6.30pm but the bride needs a lot of time to prepare … We finished the party around 5am and therefore we are talking about 15h.

Photographers (and videographers) are part of our big day and their work is important. If we think about it, it is that they are really going to give us one of the greatest memories we have of our wedding. And although the wedding does not start until afternoons (as in my case) these people start working when the bride starts to get ready and finish a few hours after the end of the party.

Do you really think that they have no right to eat during all these hours? Surely you all think right now “of course yes but because I have to pay for it!”. You are not obliged to pay the food to anyone in my opinion but the normal and human is that you provide these professionals with something to chop so they do not fall on your back, do not you think?

And because I have to pay them a menu with how expensive it is?  Well let me tell you that you are not obligated to pay them the menu !! And if a professional demands it, well, I would tell you what kind of person you are dealing with …

Personally I think it’s good manners (and moral obligation) to make sure that these professionals can eat something. That something can be a children’s menu, a main dish or something similar but decent. In many occasions the catering can offer you some solutions.

Because if you do not offer them something to eat during all those hours you’re in danger that they go out to eat and miss important moments of your wedding … Apart from that, do not you think that a person working at ease will give you a job better done?

At my own wedding I decided to treat my photographers as just another guest. They ate the same as us and we even sat down with the guests. During all the previous months with so much contact and friction we had created a friendship relationship.

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