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The city is home to the Tournament Argentino Fitness and Bodybuilding

This Sunday, the city will for the first time host an Argentine Fitness and Bodybuilding Tournament of involving about 200 athletes from across the country, encumbrados in different categories in both men and women.

The event will be held on the campus of Costa Manzana (Montevideo and 43) and will start the morning with measuring and weighing of competitors for the formation of the categories. At 17:00 formally start competition, open to the public.

In his capacity as organizer and president of the Argentina Association of Bodybuilding, the berissense businessman Guillermo Rios, also cultor activity, he stressed that in the event will also feature the ‘overall’ (competition for the participation of the winners of the different categories ). It will also perform a ‘Mister Mister’, whose winner will pocket a prize of twenty thousand pesos, agreed as an incentive to promote the tournament takes place in Berisso.

“Berisso is inserted as an attractive place and if the tournament is successful we think, this kind of competition can be repeated in the city,” he defined Rios, adding that helped a lot to the choice of venue the fact of having been elected president Association last July 9.


The berissense is confident that the audience will find many attractions in the competition.”There will be such categories in which young people with physical ‘beachy’ as they are called in the atmosphere of fitshoppro girls and boys who have bodies with ripped muscles but not so bulky, which does not require much preparation time, but is especially attractive to young people who are thinking about caring for the summer, “he says.

At the same time, the tournament will be a very attractive spectacle for its colorful and choreography, in addition to the sculpted bodies of the leading exponents of the disciplines in the country.

“The organization is complex, but in my case helped by the fact I have been all my life to organizing events. You have to coordinate everything is music, lights, sound; consider each participant, considering the safety and seek accommodation in the area more than 90 people, is not easy, “Rios said.

Argentine Fitness and Bodybuilding

Plus what constitutes an attractive presentation of all the Argentine team Fisicoculturismo, a week later represent the country in the World to be held in the Italian city of Naples.

A show

“We want to show that Berisso is an attractive place to organize events and the site offers all the comforts. We even rented a tent for 1200 people and put up a scenario of more than 15 meters, since in some categories more than 25 athletes competing at a time, “said Rios.

“It’s a big bet we do, because this is usually arranged in theaters or cinemas, indoors. Here to there will be room for inflatables and green spaces, for the whole family with kids can enjoy something new, “then he said, also mentioning that the tournament will also offer several Berissenses, men and women, measured by the great exponents of more high national level.

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