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The weddings of the Flying Spaghetti Monster Church are already legal

Pastafaris, followers of the so-called Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster , can officially marry in New Zealand, an important recognition for this parodic religion, whose aim is to promote tolerance.

The official approval, announced last December, was received with joy on the Facebook page of this religious congregation, which hopes that their marriages will be “legally binding” as of next February . The pastafarismo , that combines the words pasta and Rastafarianism, is “a religion approved by the Government”, declared triumphant this week the ramen superior or representative in New Zealand of the Church, that prefers to maintain its name in the anonymity.

Culinary terms such as pasta or ramen (a type of Japanese noodle) are related to the Flying Spaghetti Monster or Lord Tallarinesco, which they consider creator of the Universe . Pastafaris, especially in Australia and the USA The pastafaris like to wear a pirate hat or a pasta strainer in the official photos, which has been a bureaucratic problem in some countries. Australia or the United States do not recognize pastafarism as a religion, although in both countries two Pastafarians managed to be allowed to appear on an official card with a strainer on their heads for religious reasons.

Your symbols The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster was created in 2005 by the American Bobby Henderson as a protest for the diffusion in the public schools of the state of Kansas (USA) of the creationist doctrine , based on the creation of the world by God, to the detriment of Darwin’s theory of evolution.

Henderson parodied the “intelligent design” , which defends that the Universe was conceived by a superior entity and rejects natural selection, by creating a god in the form of spaghetti intertwined with two meatballs. Next, he requested that pastafarism, which proclaims that Lord Tallarinesco created the Universe after a drunkenness , was also taught in science classes.

Among its symbols is also the fork to eat spaghetti and your prayers should end in RAmen or r’Amen (word game between the ramen and amen noodles ). However, the different Pastafarian congregations defend slightly different theses. Some congregations such as the United States defend that paradise is full of beer volcanoes and strip dancers , who also inhabit Hell, although in this case with venereal diseases. The New Zealand pastafaris do not believe in this eschatological version and, unlike the groups in the United States and Australia, they claim that the Flying Spaghetti Monster is intersexual or hermaphroditic .

The followers of this peculiar faith defend their beliefs without hiding the ironic nuance with the aim of promoting rational thought and tolerance. “We believe that change can happen through laughter instead of traditional religious violence,” said the New Zealand upper ramen, in a veiled criticism of religious extremism.

Pastafarianism is not the only parodic religion, since there are others like the Jedi , inspired by the movie saga Star Wars , or even the worshipers of Google , which considers that the internet search engine is the closest thing to God because he answers prayers and knows everything. Visit the photo booth rental sydney for more details.

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