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Spaghetti Cook Off Winners

First Place        Billy Wilganowski
Second Place   Helen Groholski
Third PLace      Janeen Corner and Girls

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First Place        Billy Wilganowski
Second Place   Helen Groholski
Third PLace      Janeen Corner and Girls

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Mid-March thru       Polish Bass Tournament

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June 25th              Polish Day

October 16th         St. Mary's Church Festival

December 3rd       Candlelight Tour of Homes

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The title of this post on more than one occasion causes debate … It is one of the questions that are always repeated and I think all the brides ask it. Today I wanted to give you my opinion about it.

We have to bear in mind that a wedding usually lasts about 15 hours counting on the makeup and hairdressing of the bride, the arrival to the Best Pre Wedding Photographer Singapore, the ceremony, the photo session, the coctail and the banquet and at the end the dance and the party .

In my own wedding my preparation started around 2pm and that ceremony did not start until 6.30pm but the bride needs a lot of time to prepare … We finished the party around 5am and therefore we are talking about 15h.

Photographers (and videographers) are part of our big day and their work is important. If we think about it, it is that they are really going to give us one of the greatest memories we have of our wedding. And although the wedding does not start until afternoons (as in my case) these people start working when the bride starts to get ready and finish a few hours after the end of the party.

Do you really think that they have no right to eat during all these hours? Surely you all think right now “of course yes but because I have to pay for it!”. You are not obliged to pay the food to anyone in my opinion but the normal and human is that you provide these professionals with something to chop so they do not fall on your back, do not you think?

And because I have to pay them a menu with how expensive it is?  Well let me tell you that you are not obligated to pay them the menu !! And if a professional demands it, well, I would tell you what kind of person you are dealing with …

Personally I think it’s good manners (and moral obligation) to make sure that these professionals can eat something. That something can be a children’s menu, a main dish or something similar but decent. In many occasions the catering can offer you some solutions.

Because if you do not offer them something to eat during all those hours you’re in danger that they go out to eat and miss important moments of your wedding … Apart from that, do not you think that a person working at ease will give you a job better done?

At my own wedding I decided to treat my photographers as just another guest. They ate the same as us and we even sat down with the guests. During all the previous months with so much contact and friction we had created a friendship relationship.

The weddings of the Flying Spaghetti Monster Church are already legal

Pastafaris, followers of the so-called Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster , can officially marry in New Zealand, an important recognition for this parodic religion, whose aim is to promote tolerance.

The official approval, announced last December, was received with joy on the Facebook page of this religious congregation, which hopes that their marriages will be “legally binding” as of next February . The pastafarismo , that combines the words pasta and Rastafarianism, is “a religion approved by the Government”, declared triumphant this week the ramen superior or representative in New Zealand of the Church, that prefers to maintain its name in the anonymity.

Culinary terms such as pasta or ramen (a type of Japanese noodle) are related to the Flying Spaghetti Monster or Lord Tallarinesco, which they consider creator of the Universe . Pastafaris, especially in Australia and the USA The pastafaris like to wear a pirate hat or a pasta strainer in the official photos, which has been a bureaucratic problem in some countries. Australia or the United States do not recognize pastafarism as a religion, although in both countries two Pastafarians managed to be allowed to appear on an official card with a strainer on their heads for religious reasons.

Your symbols The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster was created in 2005 by the American Bobby Henderson as a protest for the diffusion in the public schools of the state of Kansas (USA) of the creationist doctrine , based on the creation of the world by God, to the detriment of Darwin’s theory of evolution.

Henderson parodied the “intelligent design” , which defends that the Universe was conceived by a superior entity and rejects natural selection, by creating a god in the form of spaghetti intertwined with two meatballs. Next, he requested that pastafarism, which proclaims that Lord Tallarinesco created the Universe after a drunkenness , was also taught in science classes.

Among its symbols is also the fork to eat spaghetti and your prayers should end in RAmen or r’Amen (word game between the ramen and amen noodles ). However, the different Pastafarian congregations defend slightly different theses. Some congregations such as the United States defend that paradise is full of beer volcanoes and strip dancers , who also inhabit Hell, although in this case with venereal diseases. The New Zealand pastafaris do not believe in this eschatological version and, unlike the groups in the United States and Australia, they claim that the Flying Spaghetti Monster is intersexual or hermaphroditic .

The followers of this peculiar faith defend their beliefs without hiding the ironic nuance with the aim of promoting rational thought and tolerance. “We believe that change can happen through laughter instead of traditional religious violence,” said the New Zealand upper ramen, in a veiled criticism of religious extremism.

Pastafarianism is not the only parodic religion, since there are others like the Jedi , inspired by the movie saga Star Wars , or even the worshipers of Google , which considers that the internet search engine is the closest thing to God because he answers prayers and knows everything. Visit the photo booth rental sydney for more details.

Pregnancy and cravings to eat Pasta

Reasons for a craving to eat pasta during pregnancy

Among the various cravings or desires of food during pregnancy can include sweet foods, salty, bitter, spicy or high in protein, but in the case of pasta there are different causes that motivate, so know these casusa can relieve them through a healthy satisfaction, since these foods must be consumed with care in order not to generate an excessive increase in weight, which is not recommended in this delicate condition.


The exact cause of a particular whim,according to specialists, lies in the hormonal changes so important during pregnancy,being responsible for the reflux, flow and sensory changes that manifest during this particular stage of the woman and that underlies altered hormone levels.


In some cases the cravings can translate into the body’s way of demanding certain nutrients, so for example in the case of pasta that is rich in carbohydrates, fiber and magnesium , it can be an attempt by the body to indicate a shortage in one or more of these nutrients so important for a pregnant woman’s diet . In the same way you can reason cravings for meats that may indicate low levels of protein , just as women who crave pickles may need extra sodium.


Why a pregnant woman may feel like pasta – Fairfax OBGYN

In the particular case of pasta for its richness in hydrates drives the body to produce more hormone serotonin , also known as the ” hormone of happiness “, since this neurotransmitter is responsible for feelings of happiness, a situation that puts them first place for pregnant women , because they go through different emotional states that many cases alter them; for that reason they look for in the pastas that feeling of happiness or relaxationto balance themselves emotionally.


Importance of cravings during pregnancy

The cravings of pregnancy should not be ignored , but should be treated in a healthy way, not being carried away by processed foods or chemicals, rich in sugars and salts that can lead to dangerous weight gain for the condition, should opt for natural foods replace them.


People give a lot to get married on these dates. I do not know if by the good weather, by joining the permission by marriage to the holidays or by the conjunction of Jupiter with Mercury, the matchmaking frenzy is such that those allergic to weddings are almost afraid to open the mailbox will not be that some invitation wait for us there crouched. The worst thing is that with marriage links not only do the endless ceremonies, the outfits, the cigars, the ties tied in the head and the chains go dancing I will survive, but something even more abominable: the banquets.

I have eaten well at weddings. In few. So few that you could count on the fingers of a hand that had suffered a couple of amputations. But most of the nuptial feasts I’ve attended have gone from the mediocre to the directly creepy. Someone said – it sounds to me that it was me – that they were the natural habitat of the old food, and it is true: nowhere else can you see so many dishes that can be included in this category, such as shrimp cocktails, prawns ‘ tails to the gabardine, the dates with bacon or the mythical round of veal with brown sauce, known by many as “wedding meat” .

I have seen things that you would not believe, and they were not exactly burning ships beyond Orion. Cars on which were piled beef sirloins roasted whole, capable of returning vegan to a polar bear. Tempered salads reduced by the passage of time to a jumble of limp leaves. Establishments that, with all their c ***, served as an incoming spaghetti that would not strain even in a children’s menu. First creams converted by art of birlibirloque in the sauce of the second. Hake to the roman that arrived at the dish conserving intact its heart of frozen Findus. And all paid by the parties at the price of unicorn chop, which is the most serious: the average cost of the covered in this type of events ranges from 75 to 100 euros.

With these numbers, why is it so difficult to eat well at a wedding? We always tend to look for the culprits in the kitchens of the restaurants or venues where the banquets are held, and in many cases we will surely find there more than one criminal of a stale dish of hors d’oeuvres and annealed entrecote. As anyone who has cooked for a large group at home knows, serving lots of people at once and that everything arrives at the table is not an easy task. It’s more of a big brown.

Rocío Vázquez, who organizes weddings through her company Luz Verde , believes that in many occasions the problem is in the couples who get married. “For me, it is more complicated to make people understand why than to find a space where they cook well.” Many couples invite 200 people to eat and insist on putting dishes that do not work well for so many people, such as sirloin steak. They do not let themselves be advised. ” Given the amount of dried sirloin with roquefort sauce, green pepper sauce or, horror of the horror, foie plastorra that I have suffered in these situations, I can not help but agree with him.

According to Vázquez, another distorting element of the quality of the menus are the parents of the future spouses, who tend to demand mastodonic quantities of food so that nobody escapes without a full andorga. “In Galicia, for example, many older people think that if you do not put eight plates of seafood, goose barnacles by the ears and eat until burst, the wedding has been shit,” says the coruñesa. Fortunately, the habit of baiting the guests as if they had just arrived from an African famine is in decline: “The trend is to reinforce the appetizers and lighten the banquets, the weddings of eight or ten dishes that you spend five hours sitting down less”.

Modernity has brought with it the decline of binge eating, but also another most fearsome trend: attempts to serve “creative” or “author” food. Something that can go well if the place has trained chefs, but that ends up making people laugh when the refinement pretenses lead to cheesy and rococo dishes. Arantxa Ruano, member of the communication department of the gastronomic producer Gsr and blogger Curry Curry Que Te Pillo , sent me a few days ago this wonderful photo of a dish that was served at a wedding dj melbourne.

Trampantojo of the vintage? Arcimboldo picture? Subtle song to the female genital tract? Ruano tells the origin of this work of art: “The wedding was held in a simple place, with simple people and simple food where, apparently, the chef wanted to show off with the first dish: melon pearls with Iberian ham and ice cream , the minutes said, and indeed that was, but everything-all strategically placed on the plate to make it the best still life in his life, I guess it was inspired by the traditional melon with ham, and everything separately was good (the ice cream was gazpacho) “.

The author of the photo that opens this entrance, José María Montenegro , also detected avant-garde flashes in a wedding he attended in a town in Malaga. “It was in a road site that serves classic dishes and in quantity, there were croquettes, cheese cubes, dates with bacon and, I suppose, in homage to when the grandparents of the couple were married, filled pineapple, but also unheard of concessions to the modernity like chicken curry, little fillets of sirloin with crispy kikos or mojito sorbet “.

The viejuna / modernuna fusion meal worked, because Montenegro claims to have eaten “really well”. However, at other times the techno-emotional vagaries do not come to be understood at weddings. At a wedding in a renowned restaurant, Arantxa Ruano was served, among the appetizers, a glass with transparent tomato broth that had a toast with Iberian ham on it. “Suddenly I began to see how all the cups sat on the table with those ‘waters’ that few guests dared to taste, everyone thought that this was to perfume or something like that … In short, innovation sometimes does not come through eyes “.

The classic that remains unchanged in the face of fashions is possibly the most tacky dessert of all time: the wedding cake. Usually inedible, and recently reinforced in its bad taste with the appearance of the fondant, that moldable layer of sugary dough capable of loading any dessert. Unfortunately, the fact that the bride and groom cut her with a sword every time is seen less at least in the more refined circles, but other peculiar customs advance in this respect.

One is to show a giant cake with the couple, which remains intact while the guests receive portions of cake out of God knows where (“Why not really serve us? Who eats the other cake?” , Ruano asks himself without reason). The other, undoubtedly my favorite, is the cake that comes down from the ceiling with flares: it tells the follower of El Comidista on Facebook Cristina de Lama, and since I’ve read it I can not stop sighing because they invite me to a bodorrio where something like that happen

6 photo visual tips to highlight your events

Here are some simple tips to make your photos successful in the event scene. Show your experience and professionalism with quality shots.

In the event world, you must show your experience and professionalism. Nothing like references illustrated by beautiful photos to highlight your work, your contribution to the success of your clients’ events.
Today, you no longer need expensive hardware, a smartphone and some good practices are enough!

Here are some simple tips to make your photos:

1. Make a list of the photos to take
The idea is to create a bank of photographs taken on various events and that you can use for all your media. When making a list of photos illustrating your work, consider using Pinterest, the social network of photography to find inspiration: ambiances, colors, poses … everything must be put on your list!

2. Calculate your composition
Here, for a successful event photography, no coincidence! Your composition must be thought out in a “mathematical” way. Use the third party method: you cut your screen in 3 equal parts, horizontally or vertically. Each third party is filled with different elements: one third of background, two thirds of buffet for example.

3. Heal the background
This is probably the most difficult task at an event: you have to remove all “unnecessary” elements for your Photo Visual to be effective. Clean up your photo space and remove from the background subjects and objects that do not interest you. Think about focusing on your subject, the other shots will appear blurry, for a better visual effect.

4. Multiply Viewing Angles
By moving and testing multiple locations, you’ll find the best angle. Place, for example, back to the sun for optimal light. You can also try the low angle for an original composition that will give charisma to your photograph. Play with the decorative elements of the covered event.

5. Use zoom in moderation The
more you zoom in, the degraded the picture quality. Consider getting closer to the subject you want to take a picture rather than using the zoom. If you can not get closer, take a snapshot and then zoom in with the editing tools on your device or computer so you do not lose quality.

6. Capture emotions
Avoid photos without humanity. Take silhouettes, faces, hands, smiles. “Manned” shots are always the ones that produce the greatest impact. We must feel the atmosphere of the event.

These few tricks will allow you to considerably increase the quality of your photos and to highlight your activity and your references.

Do not forget, an image is often better than a long speech! Take advantage of the OandB event platform to showcase your business through beautiful shots of the events covered.

Business idea with little investment: Locksmith or locksmith at home and business

The prospects of success of a locksmith as a business idea with little investment is better than the average of other business ideas, and this is based on the fact of having potential customers and a demand that is maintained. Having a locksmith or being an independent locksmith can lead to a lucrative business, with good profit margins and minimal investment.

Of course, in this type of business, having the necessary technical skills is obligatory for anyone wishing to dedicate themselves to the locksmithing, this knowledge can be obtained in a school of trades or specialized locksmith courses. This is a branch that has not lag behind in technology and therefore locksmiths must not only have a wide knowledge to identify any type of keys, locks and locks, but must handle electrical safety concepts, armored doors, alarms, Access codes, electric door controls, etc.

The investment in the equipment necessary for the repair, opening, replacement and unlocking of basic security elements do not require large numbers at first, with good knowledge and basic tools you can do a good job, but if you want to open a gap in the Market you will have to diversify and cover all types of jobs. If you establish a local the investment can come up with key duplicating machinery, among other equipment. Many locksmiths work from home or have a mobile business mode, with a van. It is important to start by positioning yourself in your area, even on the internet, have a guaranteed clientele for example with locksmiths in Madrid , can guarantee a good start.

Many sites require the services of a locksmith, such as homes, apartment buildings, office buildings, private condominiums, banks, museums, churches and schools.

– You can expand your business gradually with little investment and then grow based on your knowledge and acquisition of new equipment and tools.

– Providing a good service and fast will be the most positive thing for your business and will bring you more customers.

– Investment in advertising can be relatively cheap and can be built on recommendations and “word of mouth”.

– You do not need a local and you can start from home independently with little investment.


– The price of these services can be complicated and very competitive. This will depend on your abilities, the time you have done the job and the new parts you have used to replace locks or locking cylinders.

– Buying more sophisticated and expensive equipment does not mean that you will have more work and earn more. Since the return on investment can be made long.

Investment in advertising is vital in this type of business of service, a good campaign of lettering accompanied by business cards is essential. The Yellow Pages of ads, directory of locksmith reservoir and a presence in Internet is fundamental in these times. Brochures and good company vehicle labeling is an excellent customer attraction strategy.

– The first promotional actions should be directed to condominiums and communities of homeowners who may be one of the potential clients and also with prospects of repeating. Another promotion should be focused on businesses, as locksmithing related to them can be more lucrative than those made in homes.

– It is necessary to be properly identified and certified for the client, it is necessary to give a good impression of legitimacy, duly uniformed and with credentials and photo. Remember that you are leaving your homes and businesses in your hands and that is why trust is necessary. It is important to contact the police to have the necessary information on the authorizations and information needed to do certain jobs.

– Whether you establish a locksmith business in a local or at home is necessary to have a vehicle or van to carry out the work on the site.

Thinking about laser hair removal in your City? What you need to know

Do you want smooth skin forever? You can consider laser hair removal treatment. Here is a summary of what to expect.

Thinking about laser hair removal? What you need to know11

Are you sick of shaving or waxing? Have you noticed that shaving and shaving just causes your hairs to grow even thicker? Or do you often experience side effects such as folliculitis or skin rashes after hair removal in more traditional forms?

Today, technology has advanced to the point where almost everyone is a candidate for permanent and safe hair removal. Imagine not having to shave your armpits or legs – never again. Before you make a decision, you probably have some questions.

How does laser hair removal phoenix az work?

In the treatment of laser hair removal pulses of concentrated light are used which damage the hair follicles in a manner such as to interrupt growth while leaving the surrounding skin intact. Each laser pulse, has a fraction of a second to deliver, targets numerous hairs at a time. A session to remove axillary hair, for example, takes as little as 20 minutes.

As a general rule, people who seek the complete and permanent removal of hair from a particular area of the body require between two and eight treatments. This is because the laser hair removal treatment is only truly effective during the growth phase of the hair growth cycle.

Numerous different laser hair removal techniques are available. They are, at a glance:

  • IPL or Laser Pulsed Light: The machines used to offer this treatment vary in quality, yet offer the widest range of light from all different methods. The IPL laser treatment is best suited for people with lighter skin tones.
  • Laser diode:  Penetrates deep into the hair follicle effectively, which is a very popular choice.
  • Nd-Yag: These lasers currently have popularity among dark-skinned individuals who are looking for laser hair removal. Either they facilitate certain definitive hair removal that is unknown at the moment.
  • Ruby: Currently designed to carry the highest risk of side effects including changes in skin pigmentation in people who do not have extremely light skin.
  • Alexandrite: Again, it is used primarily for the treatment of people with very clear skin.
    Before deciding on laser hair removal, you will need to explore the type of laser most suitable for your particular skin with your dermatologist in detail.

What areas of the body are suitable for laser hair removal?

Lasers specifically designed to facilitate hair removal can safely treat most areas of the body. Do you want to be rid of hair on the upper lip, chin, or other areas of the face? You’re lucky! The legs, arms, armpits, bikini line, and back can be addressed too, along with the chest and shoulders. While large areas can be treated during a session, the laser treatment is targeted enough to allow dermatologists to focus solely on very small portions of the body as well.

Questions You Want to Be Answered Before Laser Hair Removal

Hurt laser hair removal, and what are the side effects?

Has the hair that you would like to have permanently removed have been growing or depilating? If so, the level of pain you will experience when going to your laser hair removal sessions would not surprise you in the least. You may even find that laser hair removal hurts less than your normal hair removal technique.

If, however, it has always been the shaving method used for epilation all the time, it is possible the laser treatment a little uncomfortable. You will probably experience a zapping sensation that feels unpleasant but not very painful.

How to Prepare for Your Laser Hair Removal Sessions

Before your first and subsequent hair removal treatments, you will need to follow the instructions of your dermatologist on demand. They usually include:

  • Do not participate in any form of hair removal, including shaving, six weeks before treatment. In order for the roots of your hair to be oriented correctly by the laser, they must be present.
  • Do not use self-tanner for six weeks prior to treatment. The lighter your skin is during your sessions, the easier the treatment will be. People who have facial hair removed should be very diligent about using sunscreen with an SPF instructed by their dermatologist prior to treatment.
  • Take antibiotics and / or antiviral medications before treatment according to your doctor’s instructions.
  • Wear loose-fitting clothing, made of natural fibers, when you go to your appointments.

What to Expect During and After Laser Hair Removal

When you arrive at your appointment, your skin will be cleaned and your hair trimmed to the length of a few millimeters. You will be given special glasses to use during the session to protect your eyes and the laser will adjust to your particular pigment before the session begins. You may be given an anesthetic cream. Having your back or your treated legs will take you longer: up to an hour and a half. Smaller areas of skin can be taken as little as 10 minutes to cover in a single session.

After your hair removal session, you can expect – depending on the type of laser being used – to see some redness, swelling and blisters. There may be a slight change in the pigment in the treated area of the skin, which should be temporary if the correct laser was chosen. Again, follow your dermatologist’s instructions and apply cold ointments and compresses.

Will I be free of hair forever after completing the recommended number of sessions?

The results you will get with laser hair removal treatment are immediately evident. With each session, you will become more and more gentle and you will realize that every time you grow less hairs. However, will you be completely free of hair forever? It may not be. Most hair removal lasers remove up to 90 percent of the hair in the area permanently covered, while a remaining 10 percent can grow back periodically. It is for this reason that most dermatologists recommend annual maintenance therapy, they may or may not find what they need.

For the romantics … City Cabins with jacuzzi!

Who has not dreamed of spending an unforgettable night with the best landscape, the best company and under the foam of a jacuzzi? We do not dream it, we live it! Because in BungalowsClub the romantics are our best allies. Today we make a tour of the accommodations that offer romantic getaways with jacuzzi in the interior of the cabin or bungalow. It’s your time, surprise that special person!

Fuente del Lobo bungalows , between mountains and sea in Granada

Between Granada capital (only 12 km) and the ski resort of Prado Llano in Sierra Nevada, is located a beautiful complex of cabins and wooden bungalows called Fuente del Lobo. Its accommodations are fully equipped log cabin break with modern decor: round beds and a large Jacuzzi with the best views of the Sierra de Grenada. In addition, guests can also arrange a visit to the Costa Tropical at 45 minutes and the Costa del Sol approximately 1 hour by car.

Bungalows Fuente del Lobo, Granada

Fuente del Lobo offers comfort, relaxation and the best facilities to design a perfect couple getaway.

Views Bungalows Fuente del Lobo

Facilities of the Fuente del Lobo Complex, in the heart of the Sierra de Granada.

The Canto la Gallina , Madrid

Bungalows El Canto la Gallina allow you to enjoy nature and relax just 70 kms. From the center of Madrid . The establishment has a swimming pool, tennis court and sports court. It is the ideal location to visit Segovia, Toledo and Avila. And its cozy cabins have a jacuzzi of last generation. A real treat for a romantic getaway!

A Cabana de Carmen : luxury and comfort in Galicia

The charming cabins of A Cabana de Carmen are located on a 3,500 m / 2 estate on the river bank with privileged views, all surrounded by stone walls, asphalted access, barbecue, green areas and parking. They are stone and wood buildings combining traditional architecture with rustic expressions on the exterior and modernist decoration with simple and comfortable features. The best of the stay at A Cabana de Carmen: the spectacular views from its jacuzzis. A show for the five senses!

Cabañitas del Bosque in Outes, A Coruna

Stay in one of Sleeping on the trees and enjoy a unique bathroom in the jacuzzi of Cabañitas del Bosque

Jacuzzi in the top of the trees in Cabañitas del Bosque , Galicia

The two estates that make it up (Os Apriscos and Cabanabela) are two oases of native landscape in A Coruña, Galicia . Its commitment to the Environment and the desire to improve every day so that its customers feel really comfortable inspire the Cabañitas de Bosque complex to offer visitors an innovative product, adapted to new technologies and integrated in the natural space. A Cabana de Arturo, A Cabana de Mucha and A Cabana de Amalia are the protagonists of this natural paradise, located several meters high above the tops of the trees of the Outes forest. Get More Info here!


Nothing like the natural ingredients to care for our health and beauty. From now on , find in your kitchen you need for your day homelike spa with our recommendations.


They are ideal for a dazzling smile as they help you keep your teeth white .

  1. Slice a couple of strawberries and place them in a bowl with little water.
  2. Dip your toothbrush into the bowl and brush for a few minutes.
  3. Rinse it with water and baking soda. Brush again.

In addition to maintaining the perfect smile, strawberriesare very good for your feet :

  1. Make a paste with 8 strawberries, 2 tablespoons of olive oil and a little salt.
  2. Pour your feet into the mixture and massage a couple of minutes.
  3. Rinse and ready!


According to testimony, it is best to fight acne .

  1. Cut a tomato into slices and rub them with your face for 2 minutes.
  2. Do it twice a day for best results.

If your problem is blackheads , then:

  1. Make a mixture of tomato juice with a few drops of lemon and also if you have pilaten you can use it.
  2. Apply it on your face and let stand for 15 minutes. Rinse


There are several alternatives to take care of your hair:

The maize starch helps you avoid oily hair , in addition to the products you normally use. Apply it all over your hair, from root to tip with the help of a brush. Then wash it as usual.

The egg is the noblest ingredients for the health of your hair if you want to prepare it . All you have to do is beat it and place it on your head (dry). Massage for a couple of minutes and rinse.


Beyond its strong odor, apple cider vinegar has many uses in the toilet to give shine to your hair :

  1. Mix the vinegar with water and place it in an empty spray can.
  2. Wash your hair as usual and while it is damp, spray the vinegar after the shampoo. Rinse

Tambiés soothes burns if you have exceeded the sun:

  1. If you have a bathtub, fill it with water and pour a cup of apple cider vinegar.
  2. Dive for 10 minutes.

Also, if you have spots , vinegar is super useful. Squeeze a little on the spots before bed.


It’s my favorite. In addition to delicious, natural honey it has healing enzymes that keep our perfect skin.

Put it on your face and neck usually 15 to 20 minutes before taking a shower. When the rinses feel your skin like a baby.


Your allies in any exfoliated . You can mix them with honey, yogurt or lemon to get masks luxury that will help eiminar impurities from your skin.

Be sure to leave the masks for at least 15 minutes on your body for best results.

Now, you are ready to start the week making the most of what you have at home to pamper yourself and look more beautiful. If you know other ingredients, share them in a comment.

The best way to clean event carpets

Steam cleaning or hot water extraction

Steam cleaning is the best way to clean a carpet, as the hot water extraction combined with the cleaning solution removes dirt deep, getting to the root of the problem. The so-called “steam cleaning” is confusing because there is actually steam, hot water but applied on the carpet.

You can hire a professional rug cleaning, which may be a better option to do it for yourself.Professional services are familiar with materials and fabrics that make carpets and know how much water and solution will achieve the best results for specific stains from your carpet.Professional services are better than home cleaning system because hot water extraction mounted on a truck uses the power using hot water much better than a tap home pressure, removing the dirt deeper and effectively. Another great advantage is that all the dirt and fat is sucked from your carpet is deposited directly into a waste tank, so you do not have to throw in the trash after cleaning.

Instead of hiring a professional, you can rent a steam cleaning machine as Rug Doctor or buy, as Bissell Steam Vacuum or Hoover Steam Vac. The opinions in Epinions show that these machines work well to remove old stains.

The water vapor used these machines usually reaches about 118 ° F (48 ° C) which alone helps to release the particles and ingredients that have been stuck into the fabric of the carpet. The best temperature for this type of cleaning is about 150-200 ° F (65-93 ° C). The hot water is combined with a cleaning solution that removes stains, and then the area is aspirated to remove all dirt and particles.

Not only steam cleaning is the best method for cleaning carpets, but also also has many advantages. First, high temperatures kill bacteria, fungi, dust mites and mold, making the carpet is like new, which is good especially for those suffering from allergies. Steam cleaning leaves no residue, unlike foams purchased at stores such as Resolve, which attract dirt and may damage the carpet fibers.

Other methods of “steam cleaning”

Steam cleaning carpet is usually associated with hot water extraction. However, this is only one of the five methods of carpet cleaning with steam, although the traditional way is considered the best hygiene carpets. Other methods may be a good option when the traditional steam cleaning is very costly or inconvenient.

A foam cleaning carpet cleaning common method is to apply a semi-wet foam cleaner or dust the stain until dry, then vacuum the residue. However, it is unlikely that the product itself can tear out all the dirt particles, especially old stains. In addition, foams or powder apply only adds to the existing dirt on the carpet, because the cleaner may not have the necessary suction power to remove all debris.

Shampooing a cleansing shampoo is applied to one similar to that used on wood floors planer. The machine sweeps the carpet with the product, but no extraction after cleaning. So essentially, dirt spreads, making it appear that the carpet is cleaner.

Cleaning bonnet Another way to clean a carpet is to use a rotating cotton bonnet. The bonnet is immersed in a solution of shampoo and then placed at the bottom of the sweeping machine. The high-speed rotating action is intended to loosen dirt and absorb stains on cotton. When the bonnet is dirty, you can rinse it and turn it around to continue cleaning.After the carpet is dry, the area is drawn. This method is better than the shampoo because the bonnet absorbs dirt, unlike the sweeper, which only has the ability to spread the solution.Although the method is better than shampooing, it is not higher than cleaning with hot water extraction because cleaning is based on absorption bonnet instead of the vacuum suction steam, which is more potent.

Dry Cleaning Finally, there is also a dry cleaning solution. a powder on the carpet is applied and allowed to act for 15 minutes. a sweeper is then passed with two rotating heads on the carpet to get the deepest powder. Finally the area is sucked to suck waste. Again, not all dust is cleaned with a vacuum cleaner and dust is not effective for old or dry spots.

Special Tips for white and colored carpets

Try to keep a white carpet in this state can be a challenge, so it is advisable to thoroughly clean a white carpet rather than wait until you see the first signs of dirt. If the white carpet is in an area of heavy traffic and people step on the shoes on, or near a kitchen where waste oils and stick to it, a deep cleaning every 6 months is recommended. As dirt and stains can not always be in a colored carpet, deep cleaning is recommended every 18 months.

When you do not use steam cleaning for a white carpet, look for products asserting a “deep cleansing”. This leads to the bottom of the fibers, as a white carpet that is cleaned only superficially might suggest that the color is actually ivory.

Even if your carpet is white, do not use bleach is recommended, as it may result in a patchy appearance.

7 variables in the preparation of coffee Aeropress

The most fun way in my opinion to prepare coffee filter type with different profiles is the Aeropress. Visually it looks like a giant syringe and gives a little scary! This filter method has a lot of possibilities to play and draw different properties of coffee.

To better understand these seven variables in the preparation of coffee Aeropress and that you can modify to create a good coffee, I summarize here:

# 1 – coffee and water quality:   these are the two ingredients of an infused coffee and as you know, the coffee is 98.7% water and 1.3% are in the water dissolved solids (TDS). And for this, the taste of coffee depends heavily on the quality of water & coffee quality you use to make your infusion.

# 2 – Ratio coffee / water:   this is the recipe that you use to make your coffee. Coffee filter is recommended between 50 & 70 grams of coffee per liter of water. The baristas talk about the formula of the infusion 1/16 and this is per gram of coffee use 16 grams of water. This is useful to know when your ingredients with a weight scale.

# 3 – Contact time: this is the time in seconds or minutes that the coffee is infused into the water. In most brewing methods this time depends on the “ground point” & the amount of coffee you use. With the Aeropress, the barista can set the fastest time down the embullo.

# 4 – Water temperature:   one of the most important factors to extract the properties of a faster infusion is high temperature. If you make a cold infusion will take longer to extract good coffee with hot water. With the Aeropress you can use water from 85 ° C to 95 ° C to test your taste …

# 5 – Turbulence: when you make an infusion of tea in hot water without removing the bag, it takes longer than when you remove. This is the same in coffee and must be taken into account when preparing a coffee filter. Each invents his ritual and will be explained, but the consistency of movements will allow you to play a drink several times!

# 6 – Filter material:  a thicker or thinner paper, a metal filter with larger or smaller holes, make us spend more oils and particles or not. This can give us a different body and a more or less “clean” cup. What if advised always clean the filter with hot water to remove undesirable flavors paper.

# 7 – Pre-infusion:  this are as words over baristas … when water comes in contact with the coffee, gases to escape in large quantity and follows the grain aroma. To “prepare” the coffee you’ll infuse you pour some water for a short time to “pre-infusing” and have the coffee ready for infusion. Time infusion in a pre espresso, a good espresso machines for $1000  and filter change will extract and flavors that powers your coffee. Pre-infusion, whether or not depends on the method & coffee using the barista.

These 7 variables are the main factors that will influence the extraction of your coffee and coffee so each is different. And so, there is no coffee exactly the same. The more you apply it to your preparation methodology and more you measure your variables (weight, temperature, time) … more’ll understand how to prepare a very good coffee.

If you are passionate about coffee machine rental sg at home or professional barista and you want to take your knowledge of coffee to the next level,

I have a good news for you …

For the first time in the history of coffee, we organized the Spanish Championship Aeropress in our Coffee Lab & shop in Barcelona on April 1, 2014.

Why you win this championship?

So you can represent Spain in the World held (probably) during the “World of Coffee” days June 10-12 in Rimini, Italy.

You will receive gifts for participants and prizes from our sponsors IMPRESIOANTES, you do not lose the queras !! In the following blogpost we disclose the main prize of the first, second and terecer place😉

You I can anticipate that only the first prize, worth 20 times your investment ;-), but later I’ll tell you the details …

 What do you have to do to participate?

It is very easy, you click the link here and watch the video that explains the tricks that help improve your technique Aeropress and win the championship!


And that’s not all…

As judges we have nadien unless Nino Tussell (master roaster) and Jeff Verellen(Aeropress world champion 2011 & 2013). Surely we can learn along with them, the best tricks to make good coffee in this new coffee machine.

The new tournament would be the biggest threat to English football

The threat is serious and the big clubs in England are already in the running for the goal. Leaders Manchester City, Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal and Chelsea met in secret at the Dorchester hotel in London to discuss the project of the European Super League.

It is a plan created by US billionaire Stephen Ross, as published by the British newspaper The Sun in which collects images of leaders bandonando the hotel after the meeting.Ed Woodward (United), Bruce Buck (Chelsea), Ivan Gazidis (Arsenal), Ferrán Soriano (City) and Ian Ayre (Liverpool) met with Ross to discuss the possible creation of this new tournament, which would be the biggest threat for football English after the process of creation of the Premier League in 1992 and could be the end point of the history of the UEFA Champions League.
Ross, owner of the Miami Dolphins NFL, has already shown interest in the business of European football. It is one of the promoters of the International Champions Cup , a summer tournament that serves to big clubs in Europe like Chelsea, Manchester City, Manchester United. Liverpoool, Real Madrid and Valencia among others, for their preseason on American soil.

The new tournament would allow como aprender ingles em pouco tempo,  English clubs measured big European rivals and avoid the risk of losing millions in case of an early elimination, something that yes happen to them in the Champions League if they were outside of the tournament.The measure could benefit United, Chelsea and Liverpool , who could be left out of the Champions League this season due to the great campaign they are doing Leicester City and Tottenham Hotspur. As noted Mirror, clubs like Barcelona, Real Madrid, AC Milan, Bayern Munich and Olympiakos could receive invitations to participate in the tournament.

United and Liverpool have agreed with the idea, and Arsenal and City do not want to lose the opportunity to box with the idea. If Ross finally establishes its draft the European Super League , would mean the end of the Champions League and was the beginning of one of the most important gaps in the history of football.

The city is home to the Tournament Argentino Fitness and Bodybuilding

This Sunday, the city will for the first time host an Argentine Fitness and Bodybuilding Tournament of involving about 200 athletes from across the country, encumbrados in different categories in both men and women.

The event will be held on the campus of Costa Manzana (Montevideo and 43) and will start the morning with measuring and weighing of competitors for the formation of the categories. At 17:00 formally start competition, open to the public.

In his capacity as organizer and president of the Argentina Association of Bodybuilding, the berissense businessman Guillermo Rios, also cultor activity, he stressed that in the event will also feature the ‘overall’ (competition for the participation of the winners of the different categories ). It will also perform a ‘Mister Mister’, whose winner will pocket a prize of twenty thousand pesos, agreed as an incentive to promote the tournament takes place in Berisso.

“Berisso is inserted as an attractive place and if the tournament is successful we think, this kind of competition can be repeated in the city,” he defined Rios, adding that helped a lot to the choice of venue the fact of having been elected president Association last July 9.


The berissense is confident that the audience will find many attractions in the competition.”There will be such categories in which young people with physical ‘beachy’ as they are called in the atmosphere of fitshoppro girls and boys who have bodies with ripped muscles but not so bulky, which does not require much preparation time, but is especially attractive to young people who are thinking about caring for the summer, “he says.

At the same time, the tournament will be a very attractive spectacle for its colorful and choreography, in addition to the sculpted bodies of the leading exponents of the disciplines in the country.

“The organization is complex, but in my case helped by the fact I have been all my life to organizing events. You have to coordinate everything is music, lights, sound; consider each participant, considering the safety and seek accommodation in the area more than 90 people, is not easy, “Rios said.

Argentine Fitness and Bodybuilding

Plus what constitutes an attractive presentation of all the Argentine team Fisicoculturismo, a week later represent the country in the World to be held in the Italian city of Naples.

A show

“We want to show that Berisso is an attractive place to organize events and the site offers all the comforts. We even rented a tent for 1200 people and put up a scenario of more than 15 meters, since in some categories more than 25 athletes competing at a time, “said Rios.

“It’s a big bet we do, because this is usually arranged in theaters or cinemas, indoors. Here to there will be room for inflatables and green spaces, for the whole family with kids can enjoy something new, “then he said, also mentioning that the tournament will also offer several Berissenses, men and women, measured by the great exponents of more high national level.

Mailman, forgotten trade, today celebrates its day

People no longer write those long letters describing special, good or bad times of life of people. Now communication is almost instantaneous, full of emoticons and others by short messages and the occasional email using http://www.emailappend.services/.

Gone are the days when we were anxiously expecting the whistle to announce their arrival postman sometimes walk, bike or other motorcycle, but always with a heavy suitcase full of envelopes.

Many young people do not know these iconic characters and what it represented for some generations that remember with nostalgia, now only come in the mail bank statements and advertising.

A little history:

Even before the colonial era, there were already some species of postal services in Mexico.strong men and were known for being fast, carried messages of utmost importance to kings or chieftains.

There was even a system relay every 10 kilometers a man delivered the message to another and so on until it reached its destination. This system was devised by the Aztecs.

And with the arrival of the Spaniards, who brought the horses, how to deliver messages it was faster and practice.

It was in 1579 when the first post was established in Yucatan. Subsequently formal offices settled in Puebla, Veracruz, Guerrero and Guanajuato, thereby establishing a system of couriers.

Called mailboxes began to put much later, during the empire of Maximilian, in which the first postal envelopes were also used.

Already at the time of Porfirio Diaz, specifically in 1910, the post office building or Postal Palace was built, also in his time mail delivery she was expedited by the railroad.

Thus, the mail was evolved to what it is today, with offices and a network constituted, although it is threatened by electronic media, it is still used by many.

Mailman Day

History tells us that in times of the Revolution, a train carrying gold overturned; also he wore military correspondence, and the person in charge of carrying preferred to move it to its destination to take the gold and run.

President Pascual Ortiz Rubio said at the time that that was why the Revolution had a debt with postmen, why it was decided to institute the Day Postman, which was held in Mexico every November 12 since 193. in 1947 a stamp devoted the postman was printed.

Mailman Day seeks to acknowledge the social work of those who are responsible for carrying the messages expected by citizens, often regardless of the circumstances or the environment.


you managed to not be part of the first event of #mygirls aerobox, you can not afford to miss next Saturday November 8 with a Yoga-Pilates class outdoors. The perfect scenario to enjoy with your friends!

adidas Women began the spring with the first event of the campaign #mygirls #miexcusa: adidasAerobox. The meeting drew more than 250 women who attended with her friends to enjoy an entertaining day aerobox outdoors in a class led by Daniela Galvez, the teacher who shook the place with two intense classes of this discipline.

Do not stay out and be part of adidas Yoga-Pilates through her yoga secrets review inscribing your email and responding to mail indicating your data. So you can win a seat for you and your 5 friends! Maria Jose Prieto and Keka Lamarca will be responsible for leading the morning and motivate all the friends willing to have fun and play sports.


In addition, we tell you that hand comes #mygirls new collection adidas Women with style and the best technology. Yoga and pilates, we recommend the support medium techfit – climate bra. These bibs come in two models, the former has stabilizer straps for extra support, compression fabric has a UPF Climalite and 50. The second model has a preformed foam cup for ventilation and quick drying. In the back it has three printed bands for comfort and powermesh for greater freedom of movement and maximum ventilation.

Run for your taken and show off in class yoga and pilates with the best outfit with the best wave. Do not stay out!

Caritas organizes two cooking courses, welding and carpentry vulnerable people

Caritas detail

Throughout the 400 hours, there will be activities such as visits to companies or assemblies in Salamanca. Also they hold 90 hours of non-work training practices.

Eight people in vulnerable situations, risk or social exclusion and difficulties in access to employment will benefit from this offer . Training is mainly practice at the end nonwork training practices are carried out in the sector thanks to the collaboration of some companies.   In addition to specific training in each subject, others are taught on topics such as environmental awareness, new technologies, l to gender equality and the prevention of occupational risks to obtain a more comprehensive training.

Metal welding and carpentry:

The specific contents will work topics cuts, machinery and tools, construction of objects and practical work. There will also be technological training materials and tools, technical drawing, maintenance and protection in the use of machinery and tools.

Throughout the 400 hours, there will be activities such as visits to companies or assemblies. Also they hold 90 hours of non-work training practices.

The employment of vulnerable people suffering precariousness and social exclusion is a challenge and a challenge for Caritas. In this society it is very complicated full social integration if the person does not access the labor market.

The course is funded by own funds and the European Social Fund through the Operational Programme Social Inclusion and Social Economy (poises) 2016-2017. Program ‘training for socio – labor’. Visit website Anti spatter

Cleaning systems and food safety

To achieve safe food is essential to a good cleaning and disinfection especially surfaces and facilities. Do not be confused, however, the industrial and domestic. In the first there is usually a greater amount of organic matter, plus facilities and conditions very different work. That differential factor is the design mechanisms requiring cleaning and disinfection effective.

Maintaining adequate and safe conditions in industrial food handling, in addition to controls at critical points in the production system, it requires the implementation of mechanisms to ensure complete hygiene of surfaces, equipment and work tools. The reason is simple: the impurities and dirt are fixed in a very complex way to the surfaces. Generally, they can be mechanically locked in pores, cracks and other irregularities. Hence eliminate considering that use a constant flow occurs, it is essential to prevent contamination and therefore the risk of food poisoning.

To eliminate pathogens or potentially polluting surface elements or facilities not simply apply conventional cleaning methods. Rather, you need to implement a system capable of overcoming the electrostatic forces or physicochemical bonding that occur both between impurities and impregnated surfaces as among the substances together. The sum between these connections can be expressed as adhesion energy. To achieve separation of these impurities, membership, we must supply products in quantity and appropriate manner.

Today there are solutions at hand to ensure that cleaning and disinfection are carried out correctly in the industrial field. A proper study of engineering design allows to evaluate not only the process line but also anticipate each of the aspects involved in a vital way along the supply chain for the production of food. For this reason the application of integrated cleaning systems, which get mixed in suitable proportions water and chemicals, the ideal temperature for the process, ensures maximum efficiency.

Cleaning piping, tubing or closed systems

Pipes, surfaces,gutter cleaning and closed systems are the most critical points in the Good industrial systems cleaning and disinfection of industrial food production systems incorporate piping, tubing or closed along which foods or ingredients systems. To achieve effective cleaning them it is customary to employ a solution that incorporates detergents and disinfectants is circulated through the equipment and installations for a certain time. The dissolved and dispersed by the cleaning agent components are carried by the circulating liquid. The prevailing criterion for effective cleaning is achieved is to try to generate a turbulent flow.

This turbulence occurs when fluid particles move haphazardly creating small eddies. Conversely, it is not sought to laminar flow circulation, which is what occurs when the liquid forms layers or levels which move over each other at different speeds without blending.

The turbulent flow only ensures the effectiveness of cleaning if you have the so-called Reynolds number in a strip of appropriate values. This indicator is considered density, liquid viscosity, average flow velocity and the diameter of the pipe. For proper and effective turbulent flow it is considered a Reynolds number between 3000 and 9000. located (dimensionless parameter).

The cleaning system CIP (Clean In Place)

A processing plant want to use a CIP cleaning system must meet certain special conditions designed to ensure the effectiveness of cleaning and disinfection. It is essential to have separate systems for raw materials and finished products.

Stainless steel is the preferred material for all surfaces and for all components that make up the production line material. The plant layout and piping must allow complete draining of all circuits.

On the other hand should ensure a high degree of turbulence of cleaning fluids on all surfaces to be cleaned. To monitor conditions such as concentration of solutions and evidence of effectiveness, must be installed adequate instruments and sampling points at critical control points cleaning circuit.

It also must ensure flawless operation of the cleaning cycle, without the possibility of cross contamination between chemicals and foodstuffs. To ensure that any leakage of cleaning products or food coming into contact during production cycles, it is recommended to install a drain discharge, between lines of production and CIP system. The CIP cleaning process does not consider manual intervention so that the control should be strict to avoid contamination.

The CIP cleaning effectiveness should be verified through a program of chemical, physical, microbiological and visual tests. Disinfection after cleaning may be effected by heat or chemicals. For this particular case it is advisable CIP cleaning, as are products that have a low consistency, so the risk of biofilm formation in any part of the line is low, which allows both cleaning the automated disinfection. Application of HACCP Within the manufacture of food products, it is important to analyze each of the critical control points, since there are multiple stages that make up the process, which can have a strong impact on the contamination of the final product. This contamination may be responsible for infections or poisoning by the presence of viable microorganisms and the possibility of toxin production of the same, as is the special case of Staphylococcus aureus and enteropathogenic strains ofEscherichia coli .

As a starting point that would ensure optimum product quality along with meet the multiple needs of the end consumer, it is essential to implement a manual of good manufacturing practices, which must be known and shared by each of the departments of the company or institution in which food is handled. For this reason, you should use a good logistics system to ensure proper handling, processing, fractionation, storage and transportation of food for human consumption.

At present there are greater complicity systems for ensuring product quality, which should be implemented not only to ensure proper chain of production but also as a competitive advantage among companies in the food category.Among others, include HACCP systems, Continuous Improvement, Auditing and Certification ISO 9000: 2000 Total Quality Management (TQM) and Total Productive Maintenance (TPM).


From the industrial point of view one of the primary objectives is to design the production plant working with maximum performance of each of its components to minimize both operational and cost inefficiencies. The main problem for your application can be derived from a low mentalization of the organization, which requires extreme vigilance of the systems considered.

The implementation of the CIP system requires heavy investment, associated with the space required to perform this automation. For this reason, looking for a design according to the needs of infrastructure as well as the importance of minimizing cost.

In the food sector, due to its complexity and social responsibility, it is necessary not only to ensure good manufacturing practices but also an integrated logistics chain which allows to engage with high quality standards both suppliers and distribution centers, to information finished the final consumer. In this long chain systems cleaning and disinfection they are essential.

The best films kitchen and cooks

Today we bring a different from the usual post but I am sure you love it, because while it is a very funny post, where we will discuss several films whose plot has to do with the kitchen. Surely this way we learn a few titles did not know.

This time we will establish a list of some of the films dedicated to the kitchen there, from oldest to most modern, happening even some animation. So, without further explanation we will start discussing these films:

  • Marta delicious: This film puts us in the skin of Martha, who is a great cook which makes some truly delicious dishes in a small restaurant. Surely life is dedicated to his work and passion, but all that will change when having to deal with his nephews. Definitely a movie where we see the important role of the kitchen in the life of her passionate person.
  • Bon appetit: This time we are faced with another love story peppered with the kitchen. And, this time we get in the skin of Daniel, a young chef who has earned a place in a great restaurant in Zurich. Because of his great talent, soon it will be well known in the restaurant, but as always, falls in love with a girl which ignores him. That is why we must decide whether to continue his great career chef or give up everything for the girl.
  • Ratatouille: Definitely a great success of the Disney industry. This film shows how a small rodent drives him crazy the world of cooking and whose greatest dream would be able to cook. This becomes reality when you have to help a young kitchen helper to bring up a restaurant. Definitely a fun film where we learn that anyone can be a good cook if he tries.
  • Cook President: In this movie we can admire not always have all the time in the world when cooking, especially when it comes to being the private chef of the French president. With this film we’ll get into the skin of Hortense Laborie, a chef who becomes the maximum responsible for the meals presidential Elysee Palace. It is certainly the less interesting to admire that prepares recipes for such eminences.
  • Julie and lulia: First of all, we can say that this is a film based on real events, and as such, it sure attracts more than one person. The plot of this film whose main character is played by Mary Streep, is a young woman named Julie, who thinks he’s wasting his life. Therefore, he decided to devote an entire year to prepare all the recipes of a famous book called “Mastering the Art of French Cooking” the cook Julia Child. During this time he will be writing a blog recounting their experiences. A film that won many nominations and in which French food, as we can imagine and see, will be one of the great protagonists of the film.
  • Love in point: With love in his point we have a mix between food and love, and this film focuses us on Oliver, who is a great gastronomic Dublin journalist whose love life seems unfixable. Until he meets Bibiana. This is a film where good food and love relationships are interleaved and result in”Love in point”.
  • #Chef: Movie that premiered does well little and now we can still enjoy the film. This is a film that will open the appetite from the start. In this we can see how a chef, tired of performing the mimas recipes for a restaurant, decides to mount its own restaurant-truck and be able to innovate and make the food that he likes. It is thanks to this movie we see that we must not stagnate in always doing the same, variety is the spice and apply it better than in the kitchen.

And many more! Watch here xmovies8!

Graciela recommended by our friend, thank you!

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